About Interior Designing

Interior Designing is the ability to use creativity to turn the interior of a space or building into something beautiful. It is a versatile profession that embraces intangible development.

The art of making interior spaces functional, safe and importantly beautiful is what an Interior Designer does. To be able to do this requires a lot of skills. The following are some the areas in which interior designers are trained:

Fundamentals of Design, Visual communication, Creative work by project method, Interpretation of the project schemes and Technical studies related to the built environment.


Top Colleges

There are many top colleges across the globe which offers this Interior design course. We have come up with a comprehensive table of the best countries and colleges along with the study duration and annual fees.

Interior Designing in India

There are many colleges in India offering graduate and post-graduate programmes for someone wishing to study Interior Designing. The Interior design courses are generally 4 years long, although certain universities also offer three year degree courses. The course fees are around Rs. 15,000 to 35,000 per annum. Some of the top colleges offering courses in Interior Designing are:

  • National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
  • Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai
  • India Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Many colleges also offer 4 years Bachelor of fine Arts (BFA) programme which offer specialisation in Interior Design. The school of Interior design, CEPT, Ahmedabad also offers 5 year professional programme in Interior Design to aspirants who have passed +2 with 55% aggregate in Maths/Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English. Many part time one year diploma courses are also offered in many cities, which require very minimal qualification.

Career Prospects

The opportunities for an Interior Designer are immense. A career solely driven by passion, most Interior Designers work as consultants or they setup their own firm.

There are a many areas where Interior Designers can specialize in like kitchen and bath design, commercial design, hospitality design and lighting design. The daily activities of an Interior Designer include the following:

  • Consulting with stakeholders and clients.
  • Researching and analyzing spatial, functional, efficiency, safety and aesthetic requirements.
  • Formulating design concepts for building interiors.
  • Preparing sketches, diagrams, illustrations and plans to communicate design concepts.
  • Selecting, specifying and recommending functional and aesthetic materials, furniture and products for interiors.

The scope of employment opportunities for Interior Designers is extensive. They can be employed by architects or architectural firms, builders, public works department, hotels and resort chains, hospitals, town planning bureaus, regional and metropolitan development works, private consultancies, studios and theaters and exhibition organizers. Interior designing also offers excellent opportunities for those who wish to be self employed, or prefer working part time. In fact, it is one of the few professions where one can operate from home with minimal investment.

Similar Careers

Jobs & Salary

There are many national and international companies which hire students of Interior Designing. Following are some of the organisations which hire Interior Designing graduates:

Chen Chung design
Godrej Interio

There is a huge international market for Interior Designers. However, there is a lack of qualified and experienced Interior Designers in India.

Pros & Cons

  • Rewarding occupation in terms of freedom of creativity
  • You can choose the work you wish to do
  • Good work gets you instant recognition
  • Stressful job
  • Unrealistic clients and sometimes absurd ideas
  • Many competitors

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