About Acting and Modelling

It is primarily the industry built around the business of dealing in the interpretation of stories through theatre, television, film or any other story telling medium. The actor usually tells the story by speaking or singing, or through written text or play.

Admit it! Atleast for once you have fantasied yourself as the actor in your favourite movie. Whether it was you imagining yourself as the Batman in The Dark Knight or as Ranchod Das Shamaldas Chanchad in 3 Idiots, the fact remains acting is one of those careers which attracts a huge number of youngsters. The reasons are many and quite clear! Apart from the glamour, fame and money, actors and actresses become part of people’s memories and are recognised as ideals.
Acting as an art evolved from theatre, dramas and opera to modern day movies and epic blockbusters. A career in acting and modelling includes several aspects. Potential actors are in trained in things such as: 
Basic preparation exercises such as relaxing and sensitivity  
Overview of what acting is – and what is good or great acting
Runway Modelling, Stage Presence & Movement
Hair and Make-up/ How to Look Great           
Language, speech and dialogue delivery
Physical prowess – stunts
Nowadays, actors also train in martial arts, different types of dance and even singing. On one hand, the advent of computer generated graphics (CGI) has greatly eased the burdens of acting, it still remains a very demanding career.
Making a breakthrough in the film industry as an actor or an actress depends not only acting and performance but also the story and the character being represented by the actor/actress. Therefore, those who want to take up this profession should also have an eye for stories that can create an impact.
Also, directors and movie producers are more likely to take actors or actresses who are more committed to their roles and can take it very seriously.
Courses in Acting and Modelling are usually 6 months to 6 years long, depending on the degree and the level one wishes to study at.
Modelling is considered to be a step-stone for acting. Models are people with beautiful and strong bodies who help the manufacturers of different products, especially clothes by wearing or using them in advertisements. As they have camera-friendly faces, models are preferred to act in advertisements and fashion shows. 

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Top Colleges

There are many top colleges across the globe which offers this course. We have come up with a comprehensive table of the best countries and colleges along with the study duration and annual fees.

Career Prospects

Needless to say, acting and modelling is among the most lucrative and high paying jobs one can ever imagine. Although it involves a lot of challenges to break through the barrier of anonymity to gain stardom. There is a very high chance of finding work both internationally and locally.
You can work in the entertainment industry as:
  • An Actor
  • A Television show anchor
  • Movie Director
  • Movie Producer
  • Model
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Jobs & Salary

There are a number of national as well as international options that open up once you start acting .E.g. movie industries like Hollywood, Bollywood, Tollywood, and other regional cinema offer a lot of options, for amateur and expert models. Theatre and musicals also make up other career options. Usually, actors and actresses have to work up their way from acting in small and supporting roles to higher and important roles. This may take several years.

An important thing to note is that in order to succeed in acting, one has to possess an unmatched talent rather than pursuing courses and degrees. Pursuing related courses will surely help but it will be the talent that can launch one’s career. Also, one may have to start acting in local theatres and drams before moving up on the ladder of regional, national and international cinema.

These are some organisations that can be applied to, once you have completed a course in Acting and Modelling:

DreamWorks, Inc. (The Shrek Series, Kung Fu Panda Series)
Warner Bros, Inc. (The Lord Of The Rings series)
Lions Gate Entertainment. (The Expendables series)
UTV Motion Pictures, Inc. (Delhi Belly)
Yashraj films. (Ishaqzaade)

Some fashion magazines and modelling agencies have also helped models be global celebrities, are mentioned here:

Vogue (Cover models like Kate Moss and Gisele Bündchen)
Maxim (Cover models like Bar Refaeli and Rosie Huntington Whiteley)
Gladrags (Models like Aryan Vaid)

There are other major studios, acting agencies, modelling agencies, magazines and media houses which offer you work options.

Pros & Cons

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages of making a career in this field:

  • Fame and recognition
  • Money
  • Celebrity status
  • Global audience
  • Swanky Lifestyle
  • No anonymity
  • Erratic work timings
  • Request for unethical favours
  • Lack of personal life
  • Lack of privacy
  • Lack of privacy

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