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Connecting Universities to the largest network of Indian High Schools.


UniMeet is a perfect way for Universities around the World to gain access to the largest High School Network in India and connect with Students, Parents & High School Counselors!

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Why UniMeet?

•  To showcase your Institution on the Largest Private High School Network in India.

•  Have access to our Real-Time Analytics to know the number of student visitors and ones who are interested in your offerings.

•  Get access to information that can help you gauge high school student trends and make your student search efforts more effective.

•  Univariety can help further your reach-out efforts and support you through our post-event student engagement on our large and robust high school network.

How does UniMeet work?

UniMeet is a virtual event where you can connect with students from over 300+ High Schools. Each online UniMeet event is 2 hours long and focuses on a particular theme.

How Univariety support helps you benefit from UniMeet?
Get information on students and parents (with their consent).
Conducts dry runs before the event to ensure a smooth UniMeet experience.
Continuous support all through the UniMeet event.
Post-event student engagement support by Univariety.


" It was a well-organized event and we are very happy with the footfalls.
It was really good, kudos to you and the entire team" - York University, Canada
"I was impressed with the event and had the opportunity to connect with a number of motivated and curious students. We are definitely interested in future events."- Simon Fraser University, Canada
"Great Event! Very happy with the turnout" - Grand Valley State University, USA
" It was interactive and we found a good response with active student involvement. " - Vellore Institute of Technology, India
Great event. Compared to many other school events, this was organised very well. Agood number of students attended the event which is always a plus. "- University of Ottawa, Canada
" The event went well and I was really impressed with the number of students and parents who participated. " - Carleton University, Canada
" The event was very well organised and I received a great response. Suitable and genuinely interested students were queued up in my room, which helped me give a presentation and also take up questions within the 2-hour window. The format enabled a meaningful interaction for both, the students/parents and the University delegates." - Trinity College, Ireland
" Excellent student interaction " - University of Waterloo, Canada
" It was flawless. " - Podar World College, India
UniMeet 2021 Schedule to be held for High Schools across 70 Cities in India:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. As a participating University, will I receive student data?
At Univariety, we give utmost importance to data privacy. All participating universities will receive information of students who have provided their consent to share contact information. We will also share information of those students that you have engaged with during the event.

2. How do I make the most of the session as a participating University?
  • Prepare a few key points about your institution to share with students, parents and high school counselors.
  • Attend Dry runs conducted by Univariety for a smooth event experience.
  • Post about event participation on LinkedIn and send Univariety a video inviting students for the event to create more awareness about your institution.

3. How many University representatives can attend the event?
Upto two University representatives can attend the event. Please make sure to register both the representatives so that event communication is shared appropriately.

4. Which platform will be used for the event?
We are currently developing our own platform for future events. Few events will be conducted on a customized online events platform. We will conduct a dry run for all participating universities.

5. Will I have support from Univariety during the event?

Yes, our team will be present throughout the event and you can also write to unimeet@univariety.com for any additional information.

6. Is it mandatory to offer programs related to the event Theme?
It is not mandatory to offer programs related to only a particular theme in any UniMeet event. All Universities can register and participate irrespective of having programs related to the particular theme because we would have students with varied program preferences. 
The idea of the theme-based approach enables the event to include universities offering specific programs related to the event theme.
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