About Architecture

Architecture is the science as well as the art of designing a building or any physical structure. This is a unique field that combines art and culture, science and technology and even elements of business.

History has gifted us with amazing architectural marvels. The Colosseum, the Great Wall of China, the Great Pyramid of Giza (thought to be built by aliens) and many others give us a glimpse of our past and has paved the way for the future.  The importance of architecture s in preserving culture and also in the advancement of Civilizations. Architecture is definitely interesting!
As a professional course it is lengthier than other bachelors’ programmes like arts and humanities. The duration of undergraduate study varies from country to country.  The degree awarded is popularly known as ‘Bachelor in Architecture (Bachelors in Architecture). The course usually involves long hours of work in the form of studies, projects and design drawings.
Architects are work on:

  • Developing ideas with the client
  • Earmarking budgets
  • Assessing the layout of the building and its impact on the local environment
  • Working on building designs and projects
  • Site selection and work in tandem with contractors on site

An architect’s job is also to ensure that the work is carried out to specific standards and above all, ensuring that the structure being built is sustainable, functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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Top Colleges

Apart from the USA, UK, India and Australia which are the preferred destinations to study architecture, there are many premium architecture schools in Europe. Programmes in Spain, Scotland and Denmark are rated very high and students can live a cosmopolitan life in campuses across these countries. For other European universities, the course duration is around 5-6 years depending on the country and registering board.

Architecture in India

Admission into Bachelor of Architecture courses in India is usually conducted on the basis of entrance examinations conducted by various universities. This could be state-wise, (for admission into architecture related courses for specific state listed universities), students can take the National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) or a separate examination conducted by the IITs (Architecture Aptitude Test) for admission into their elite set of institutes. Other reputed universities like BITS conduct their own entrance examinations. An undergraduate course in India is typically for a period of 5 years. Following successful completion of the course, a graduate has to register with the Council of Architecture by passing certain requirements. This registration is renewable. A lot of importance is given to design drawings so we recommend that you practice them as much as you can.

Career Prospects

The typical companies which hire architecture graduates are from

  • Construction
  • Real Estate
  • Engineering
  • Technology and Information technology
  • MNC banks

Also, architects are hired for specific work by

  • Public Sector Departments
  • Management Consultancies
  • Market Research Companies

Students who complete their graduation can join a firm or start their own practice as an architect. The suggestion though, is to first work for a firm. This would give them much needed experience in dealing with clients and to cater for their needs and an understanding of the work involved and of the market. This knowledge will help when they want to start their own firm. 

Jobs & Salary

Following are the jobs for architect graduates:

Interior designer
Architectural technologist
Building surveyor
Town planner
Landscape architect
Planning and development surveyor

Pros & Cons

  • Being a highly creative field, architecture is a very satisfying profession as ideas can be turned into reality
  • The study of architecture also involves a related study of various fields of human endeavour, including Art, History, Material Science, Physics and Engineering. Hence, it is a very diverse field attracting the most brilliant and creative minds.
  • It is a well-paying field as large firms looking for fresh talent and new ideas.
  • Architecture is subject to the economy and guided by the way economy behaves. If the economy is depressed, there will be fewer constructions leading to a lack of demand for architects.
  • Undergraduate study of architecture is a very tough and endearing process like medicine and requires intensive study which may seem taxing.

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