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Business management, as a career, deals with managing and overlooking all the major aspects of a business. Basically, it’s all about how a business is run, right from the lowest level to the highest level.

Ever thought how does Burger King manage to sell 2.4 billion burgers a day? Or how did Apple managed to sell more than 590 million iPhones from 2007 to 2014 worldwide? The answer is: business management. They worked on a business strategy which was remarkable in all aspects and that took them to great heights. 
Today, we see that the world is seeing a rapid growth in business. Every day, new companies are emerging on the global horizon and more business activities are being undertaken. Thanks to the technology, business has become faster and vaster. This rapid expansion also means that these businesses are in need of experts and professionals who can handle its fast pacing and rapid growth. 
As a course, Business Management teaches essential skills and relevant knowledge required to run and manage businesses and to understand the economy. During your course of study, you will be trained in subjects such as Marketing, Economics, Operations and Project Management, Human resource, Financial Management, Organisational Behaviour, Strategic Management, International Business, Management Information System, Business and Corporate Law and Accountancy.
Apart from the above mentioned academic subjects you will also be trained to enhance your soft skills, personality, presentation and public speaking skills.

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Top Colleges

There are many top colleges across the globe which offers this course. Below is a comprehensive table of the best countries and colleges along with the study duration and annual fees for your consideration.

Business Management in India

There are 4 courses which can be pursued in the business management stream in India. They are:

  • BBM (Bachelors in Business Management)
  • BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)
  • BBS (Bachelor of Business Studies)
  • BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Generally, all top BBA colleges in India offer a full time 3 year course.

Most of the government colleges require students to clear the common entrance examination. Many private colleges (like Amity University) require the candidates to sit for their separate entrance examinations.

Career Prospects

Business Management is among those careers which are not restricted by international boundaries. A career in business management will take you to different countries. Completing the course abroad will open further opportunities in major companies and international business organisations. Also, universities all over the world offer remarkable campus placements.
As a business management graduate, you will get opportunities to work in top notch MNCs. If your family has a business of its own, you can build upon it and take it higher. 
The possible careers after completion of your course in business management would include:
Sales manager
Marketing manager
Business consultant
Financial analyst
Human Resource Manager
Jobs & Salary
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Jobs & Salary

A bachelor's degree in business management prepares you mainly for entry-level supervisory roles within various industries. As a business management graduate you get to work in fields such as:

Advertising & Marketing
Human resources

As a business management graduate, you might mainly endeavour entrepreneurial opportunities but again there are huge opportunities in private sector companies as well. Here are some of the eminent brands you might get associated with:

Tata group of Companies

Business Management is a profession where returns are quite high. Corporate firms pay very high salaries to competent managers who can independently run a team, a process or a department.

Pros & Cons

  • You get direct industrial exposure through the internship programme that is a mandatory part of the course. This way, you will have real time experience of the work you will do on an everyday basis
  • This course helps you to strengthen your business intuitions and also develops your entrepreneurial skills
  • You are trained in all aspects of handling a business, from the lowest to the highest level
  • The responsibilities assigned to you could be really challenging and critical as you will reside in the decision making circle.
  • Management in corporate world could be really taxing and one might be required to slog for hours as and when required.
  • Too much of stress, anxiety and long hours of work can cause severe health hazards

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