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Hotel management business is a part of the ever expanding hospitality industry.Hotel Management trains students all aspects of how a hotel is to managed,from guest relations,cooking,resourcefulness,diplomacy etc.In simple words,it refers to the various management techniques used in the hospitality.

Imagine a whirlwind trip through mouth-watering aromas of tasty dishes, eye widening luxuries of famous hotels and heart stopping sceneries of the world. Imagined it? That’s what Hotel Management is all about. 
Hotel Management trains students in all the aspects of managing a hotel and its resources. Have you ever wondered how famous hotel brands like Ritz and Taj etc. became famous? What did they do differently that people around the world prefer to stay in them? It is because they understood the art of managing a hotel and excelled in it. 
A relatively new field, Hotel Management not only trains student in managerial aspects but also trains them in people management as well. It should be noted that the usage of the word management here has no connotations to any management degree (MBA) but rather is linked to the literal meaning of the word.
The different areas in which students are trained:
Hotel administration
People management
Front office
Food and beverage management
Catering and maintenance

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Top Colleges

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Career Prospects

Hospitality industry is so diverse that everyone has something in store. Graduates join as trainees under the positions they apply for. While most graduates usually start work in five star hotels or otherwise, a substantial number find themselves working in restaurant management, cruise ship hotel management, institutional and industrial catering, club or bar management, airline catering and cabin services.

It creates one job every 2.5 seconds globally. In India, it has grown so massive that it employs more people than the traditionally huge industries like banking, automotive manufacturing, chemicals manufacturing, education, financial services, and mining sectors.

According to the World Tourism Council, for every $1 million in Travel & Tourism spent in India alone, 407 jobs are supported, 258 direct, 94 indirect and 55 induced. In 2014, it generated 8.7% of the total employment. These massive figures and rising numbers have turned tourism and hospitality in an industry which is immune to the looming economic breakdowns and recessions. The reason is simple: no matter what happens, people won’t stop eating and meeting each other.

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Jobs & Salary

Apart from hotels, hotel management graduates are also employed in

Airline companies
Retail industry
Theme parks, casinos, and spas
Coffee chains, pubs, bars and multiplexes.

BPO and KPOs: This can be termed as a lateral employment. A lot of BPO and KPOs hire hotel management graduates as they have excellent customer skills and are well versed in customer relations.

In 2014 Travel & Tourism directly supported 23,024,000 jobs, and this is expected to rise to 29,020,000 jobs (5.7% of total employment) in 2025.

Pros & Cons

  • Not many fields offer you the job satisfaction of seeing a customer fill his stomach or have a pleasant stay. If you’re a people pleaser, this is the path for you. Travel: If you love travel then this is the field for you as it offers a variety of options to seek employment in hotels or cruises across the world.
  • Hotel management also teaches you about how to plan a budget for a party or a hotel. It may come handy in your personal life!
  • Immaculate manners and respectable demeanour form a part and parcel of life, so guys they can come handy to impress your female friends. Girls, apart from diamonds love manners in a man!
  • Work Environment: the work hours are long and stressful, and you are expected to be extremely courteous and warm with guests.
  • Less salary at the beginning of career, as compared to graduates from other fields.
  • You may have to wear uniforms at work, if you hated doing so at school, well it just adds to it now!

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