Alumni as Institute's Brand Ambassadors

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Utilise your Alumni Success Stories

Showcasing your Alumni achievements on your website allows prospective students and parents to witness real success and be inspired.

  • Website widgets and APIs allows real-time updating of alumni profiles on your website.
  • Easy integration eliminates the dependency on IT and website administrators. 
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Social Media Posts Celebrating Alumni Achievements

Seamless integration of your social media accounts with the alumni platform makes it easy to find post good stories on the social-media platforms.

  • Schools can strengthen their alumni connections and boost recognition without constant ideation.
  • Automatic creation of a library for all the past social media posts to repurpose for future use. 
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Advertisements That Show Nostalgic Alumni

Say goodbye to old-school marketing ideas that focus on facilities and infrastructure alone. Stand out from other schools by marketing alumni success stories!

  • ‘Looking back at School’ by Alumni can be a powerful idea for your school marketing and admission videos.
  • Your Alumni’s positive words can motivate parents in their admission decision.
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