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Alumni Database Setup & Creating Visibility

Alumni Database Setup is not a one-time activity. It becomes a continuous process when it feeds your marketing pitch.

  • Univariety collects deep data of your institute's alumni through online and offline sources.
  • It then creates a digitised platform offering multiple access points for institute management.
  • Website widgets and APIs integrates your website branding with alumni success stories directly from the platform. 
  • Your admissions team is trained through detailed sessions and engaging collaterals.
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Alumni Engagement and Contributions

Just providing a software doesn't get the desired impact for institute. At Univariety, we create the "IMPACT".

  • Univariety’s Alumni engagement begins through personalised and automated email campaigns. 
  • Theme-based guidance webinars with journey-based videos by alumni prompts platform usage.
  • The Platform is made accessible to students, and activities begin to promote interactions with alumni.
  • Keeping the main theme of ‘Giving Back to School’, alumni are encouraged to take up activities that contribute to it.
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