About Automotive Engineering

Automotive engineering is a branch of vehicle engineering which incorporates study from mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering to the design, manufacture and operation of motor vehicles and their engineering subsystems.

Automotive engineers use their knowledge of fluid dynamics and materials science to develop new vehicles which perform better while being safer, as well as being more efficient and cheaper. Car designers frequently develop specialties in Automotive Engineering for design improvement in matters like noise, vibration and handling, safety, or emissions control.

There are mainly three types of automotive engineers:

Design Engineers- who design cars and are familiar with the intricate details of the hydraulic, electrical, and mechanical systems inside a vehicle.
Development Engineers- who research on future automotives.
Production Engineers- who work in car factories to make sure the process of manufacture goes smoothly.

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Top Colleges

Automotive engineering is an exciting field that combines creativity with scientific principles. There are many colleges across the world that imparts quality education in this course. Following are some of the top colleges in India and popular study destinations abroad:


California Institute of Technology | Princeton University | University of Pennsylvania | Stanford University


University of Bath | University of Glasgow | Newcastle University | University of Birmingham


IIT Kanpur | Christ University | Vellore Institute of Technology | BITS Pilani

Career Prospects

An automotive engineer’s main duty is to design, test and develop vehicles. The vehicles, post the launch in the market also needs upgrades. Automotive engineers are therefore also responsible for making changes in the vehicle based on customers' feedback.

Automotive engineers are primarily trained to:

  • Design new vehicles or revise existing ones
  • Research and develop in finding solutions to engineering problems
  • Plan and design new vehicles.

Besides this, automotive engineers also develop new test procedures for the vehicles, using both conventional and innovative methods. They also analyse and interpret technical data into reports or presentations, and answer all questions.

Because of the overall increase in the number of vehicles, the demand for qualified and skilled automotive engineers has also increased in recent times. Automotive engineers can find best jobs in the automotive manufacturing industries. You can also find work in service stations, private transport companies and defense services.

There are plenty of job opportunities both in India as well as in foreign countries including the Middle East where the pay scale is good.

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Jobs & Salary

As an automotive engineer, you could choose to be:

  • Engineering Technicians
  • Safety Engineering
  • Emissions Research
  • NVH ( Noise, Vibration and Harshness) Engineers
  • Performance Engineer
  • Vehicle Dynamics Controller
  • Operations Research
  • Designing

Many automotive engineers choose to join the defence services. Alternatively, you can work as a lecturer or professor in engineering colleges/universities in India and abroad. For those who have the desire to study further can pursue MTech and PhD programmes. By doing so, you can become a researcher or scientist and further help in the development of the field.

Companies that hire automotive engineers:

  • Honda
  • Audi
  • Skoda
  • Volkswagen
  • Audi

There are plenty of employment opportunities for qualified people and they can select a career in Automotive Industry, which leads to a bright future.

Pros & Cons

The automotive industry has grown since the end of the Second World War. Vehicles are now a necessity in the modern world. These are used to transport people and goods to various places. Naturally, the automobile industry has come up in a big way.


  • You get to design the car that you want to drive.
  • You also get paid loads of money for doing your job.
  • You get to test drive a lot of cars as a part of your work.


  • You have to always stay physically fit, since your job requires you to work with heavy tools and equipment.
  • The job can sometimes be stressful because of long work hours
  • The requires you to do a lot of paperwork, something which is not commonly known to everyone.

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